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EMS Digital Citizens

We effectively and safely use technology to cite, communicate, build inclusive communities and monitor our digital footprints and wellness. Ms. Miles is the Digital Safety Coordinator at Eastmont.  This fun game teaches digital safety lessons as students participate.


Parental Considerations

Parent tips for digital safety

Have family guidelines for  technology:
-how much time per day?
-what types of websites can be accessed?
-do parents know the child’s passwords on social media accounts, etc. so they can monitor?
-what is the turn-off time on school days?  On weekends? How is it monitored?
-what apps are allowed on cell phones and tablets?
Protect online privacy
-what is your digital footprint?
-keep private: your full name, phone number, email or other personal information on public websites
-keep personal information private with people you do not know
Prevent and report cyberbullying
Practice digital citizenship
-use “netiquette”
-cite sources  when restating or using information
-realize that personal and legal consequences exist for misusing technology: avoid copyright infringements on movies, music, images; understand that prospective employers and universities are now checking Instagram, Facebook and other social media as part of their screening process            (from Brighton HS site)

Digital Citizenship Links

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On Tuesday, Jan. 3, 2023
classes will temporarily pivot to remote learning

Eastmont families will receive more information about where students can obtain school meals and any needed Chromebooks and learning materials when classes resume after the holiday break.

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