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Emergency Procedures

Emergency Contacts and Contact Information

It is very important that teachers and staff have your current home, cell, and/or work phone numbers and at least two alternative emergency phone numbers of family, friends or neighbors who will take responsibility for your child if we cannot reach you.  Students will only be released to parents/guardians and emergency contacts.  Please update information including phone numbers and address as they change via Skyward Family Access. 

Injury at School

If your child is injured seriously at school, we will contact you immediately.  If we cannot reach you, we will use the emergency contact information you have provided.  If we cannot reach you or your emergency contacts, we are authorized to seek medical help for your child, and may call 911 for support. 

Severe Weather

In the event of inclement/severe weather, the decision to close school will be announced through television, Skylerts, and the district webpage.  Recess “in-days” will be determined by the principal or designee based on weather conditions and air quality.  Student dress should always reflect the weather conditions.  If appropriate attire cannot be attained by the family, please speak with the principal for help.  Students not dressed for the weather conditions may not be allowed to go outside for recess or other outdoor activities. 

Emergency Drills

Emergency drills are required at regular intervals.

Fire drills: During a fire drill, everyone must promptly leave the building using the prescribed route and remain in their designated parking lot number until a signal is given to return to the building. Tampering with fire alarms is a serious offense. Anyone tripping an alarm as a prank will automatically be suspended and referred to the fire marshal.

Earthquake drills: During an earthquake drill, everyone in the school should seek shelter under a desk, table, or other protective structure, or against a wall and remain in the building unless otherwise directed or one smells gas.

Intruder drills: During an intruder drill, students must go to a place in the room away from windows and doors. The doors will need to be locked and the lights turned off. In the case of a bomb threat drill, the teacher will quietly search the room, report, and wait for instructions. In most cases, an evacuation will follow.


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