10100 South 1300 East
Sandy, Utah 84094

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Helpful Hints – Please read:

  • Please abbreviate street-direction coordinates (i.e. “W” rather than “West”) and don’t put a period after the East-West-North-South coordinate (i.e. “Dr” rather than “Dr.” or “Ave” instead of “Ave.” or “Avenue”)
  • In many instances, you can simply put in the street number and the street name, such as 2220 Bengal, rather than 2220 East Bengal Boulevard. Then, you can select from the displayed results
  • Select “All Grades” from the drop-down list
  • Click the “School Code” rather than the “School Name” to see the bus route details
  • Please also note: “School Bell Time” represents the time that the bus arrives/leaves the school
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