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Eastmont Middle School

2019 – 2020 District Academic Calendar


19th First Day of School

22nd First Day of School for Kindergarten


2nd Labor Day Recess

19th Quarter Midterm for Grades 6-12

23rd-24th Parent/Teacher Conference Meetings (High Schools)

24th-25th Parent/Teacher Conference Meetings (Middle Schools)

25th-26th Parent/Teacher Conference Meetings (Elementary Schools)

26th Early Out for Elementary

27th No Student Day (Compensatory Day)


1st K-5 Trimester Midterm

17th-18th Fall Recess

25th End of First Quarter for Grades 6-12


14th End of First Trimester K-5

27th-29th Thanksgiving Recess


2nd Quarter Midterm for Grades 6-12

23rd-January 3rd Winter Recess


6th  School Resumes

14th K-5 Trimester Midterms

16th End of Second Quarter for Grades 6-12

17th Grading Day for Grades K-12

20th Martin Luther King Jr. Day Recess


17th President’s Day Recess

20th Quarter Midterm for Grades 6-12

24th-25th Parent/Teacher Conference Meetings (Middle Schools)

25th-26th Parent/Teacher Conference Meetings (High Schools)

26th-27th Parent/Teacher Conference Meetings (Elementary Schools)

27th Early Out for Elementary

28th No Student Day (Compensatory Day)


2nd End of Second Trimester K-5

24th End of Third Quarter for Grades 6-12


6th-10th Spring Recess

20th K-5 Trimester Midterms

30th Quater Midterm for Grades 6-12


25th Memorial Day Recess

29th End of School

*Every Friday is and Elementary Student Early Out Day
**Elementary Early Out Sept 26th and Feb 27th
***This calendar is not for Brighton Students

Download the district calendar here.

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