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Classes at Eastmont

Every student schedule is made up of 3 parts: Required Classes, School Directed Classes, and Electives.

Required Classes

Required Classes are classes that everyone takes each year, like English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and PE. You can pursue the Honors certificate in English and Math for a little more challenge and growth. Each grade level has additional required classes that will be identified on your registration card.

6th Grade

  • College & Career Awareness (CCA)
  • AVID Exploration
  • STEM Concepts

7th Grade

  • Health


8th Grade

  • Digital Literacy


School Directed Classes

School Directed Classes are classes you are placed in because the school has determined you need a little extra help with learning. Students are placed in School Directed Classes based on their Math Inventory score, Reading Inventory score, language proficiency test scores, and teacher recommendations.  Some students have an Individualized Education Plan that indicates placement in specialized classes.

Examples of School Directed Classes:

  • Literacy Lab (Reading)
  • Math Lab
  • Study Skills
  • Resource Math 
  • Resource English
  • Academic Behavior Strategies
  • Accommodated Core Curriculum



Electives are the classes you get to choose to take based on your interests.  Electives provide opportunities to pursue current interests, and also to explore new interests. Elective class offerings change each year and can be found on your registration card.  To view the current or future year offerings, please see the registration cards linked on the Eastmont website. 

Each year, the schedule of classes Eastmont offers is built based on the classes you choose. This makes schedule changes very difficult, or not possible at all.  Eastmont schedule change request policy varies each year based off of class availability, but there are a few guidelines that remain the same each year:

  • We do not change schedules to accommodate changing lunches. This is why:
    • It is not possible to accommodate all student’s lunch time preferences.  
    • All of our Eastmont students are incredible and we want to encourage students to meet new friends. 
  • Counselors are happy to look at student requests (outside of lunch changes) each semester (not quarter), up until the end of the first week of the semester. This does not guarantee we will be able to make a change, as changing classes is very difficult due to the small size of our school.
  • Please choose your classes carefully!
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