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Every schedule is made up of 3 parts: Required ClassesSchool Directed Classes and Electives.

Required Classes

Required Classes are classes that everyone takes each year, like English, Math, Science, Social Studies and PE. You can pursue the Honors certificate in English and Math for a little more challenge and growth. There are 4 other required classes, 1 in each grade.

  • 6th grade College and Career Awareness (CCA) and AVID
  • 7th grade Health
  • 8th grade Digital Literacy

School Directed Classes

School Directed Classes are classes you are placed in because the school has determined you need a little extra help with learning. The school uses the Math Inventory, the Reading Inventory and language proficiency test scores and teacher recommendations to decide who needs school directed classes. Some students have an Individualized Education Plan that indicates placement in specialized classes.

  • Literacy Lab (Reading)
  • Math Lab
  • Resource Math 
  • Resource English
  • Directed Studies
  • Academic Behavior Strategies
  • Accommodated Core Curriculum


Electives are the classes you take because you want to. They provide you the opportunity to discover new interests and develop new skills and to make your school day fit your unique personality. Most of the time, your electives are your favorite classes! The electives offered include the following:

  • Art  1
  • Art 2 and Ceramics in 7th and 8th grade after you take Art 1
  • Brass Band, Woodwinds 
  • Concert Band in 7th and 8th grade after you take Brass Band or Woodwinds
  • Beginning  Orchestra
  • Advanced Orchestra in 7th and 8th grade after you take Beginning Orchestra
  • Choir
  • Concert Choir in 7th and 8th grade after you take Choir
  • Creative Coding
  • Exploring Technology – Robotics
  • Guitar
  • Team Sports
  • Theater
  • Spanish
  • Manufacturing Technology
  • Family and Consumer Science A (interior design and sewing) and B (cooking and child care)
  • Debate
  • AVID – Building a school community based on effort and responsibility

Each year, the schedule is built based on the classes you choose. That means that schedule changes become very difficult, and often impossible. Our school has a policy that schedule changes are not provided without administrative approval. Please choose your classes carefully.

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