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October 18, 2022 – Minutes


  • Lindsey Tait, Parent [present]
  • Nicole Ford, Vice-Chair (absent)
  • Allyn Kau, Parent [present]
  • Rachel deAzevedo, Chair (absent)
  • Sarah Shore, Parent [present]
  • Adam Howard, Parent [present]
  • Isaac Zeigler, Parent [present]
  • Megan Gebhard, Counselor (absent)
  • Stephanie Davis, Teacher [present]
  • Randy Curtis, Teacher (absent)
  • Stacy Kurtzhals, Principal [present]
  • Taylor Hansen, Assistant Principal (Secretary) [present]
  • Brooke Rauzon, Assistant Principal (Secretary)


  • Max Clark-Bradley, Student [present]


  1. Approval of Minutes from September meeting.
    • Mr. Zeigler motioned to approve the minutes
    • Ms. TaitTait seconded the emotion
    • SCC unanimously approved the minutes
  1. Digital Citizenship Video Discussion – link sent out prior to meeting
    • https://youtu.be/8cdeD0lOQjc
    • Ms. Shore asked a question about a document from the video.
    • Mr. Zeigler asked if we have a concern with digital safety.
      • Ms. Kurtzhals talked about Content Keeper and how it flags both “safety words” (i.e. suicide) and “inappropriate words” (i.e. breasts).
      • Mr. Hansen shared that we don’t see a lot of cyberbullying on district owned devices.  We see more on private devices when it  spills into the school.
      • Talked about digital citizenship lessons being done in TA.
      • Talked about doing an assembly about digital citizenship or having a guest speaker in digital literacy.
      • Max suggested moving digital literacy to 6th grade.  It was explained how there are requirements from other organizations about when classes can be taught.
      • Ms. Kurtzhals talked about LanSchool (a system that helps teachers monitor students’ screens)
    • Questions to reflect on:
      • Does the SCC feel it has received enough information to determine if the filtering systems and supervision practices are appropriate?
        • Yes
      • Does the SCC feel it has received enough information about the school’s educational effort to instill a student’s desire to be a good digital citizen?
        • Yes
      • Does the SCC believe the school has a viable plan to present internet citizenship and safety information to the parents in the community?
        • Kurtzhals shared what the school has done. For example, having flyers at evening events, Ms. Miles talking about digital safety at the back-to-school night, and emails being sent home.
        • Yes
      • Sarah asked if parents are bringing in a lot of concerns about technology
        • We haven’t seen a lot.

3.Update on building improvements

    • An architect is coming tomorrow to begin developing the plans for mitigating water concerns at Eastmont.
    • Money has been allocated to fix the bottom floor.
    • This has been shared with the students who wrote letters to the Board.
    • Ms. Kau recommended sharing some letters on Parent Square to show the great work that was accomplished.
    • The boy’s locker room has been fixed.
    • Ms. Tait asked how schools get updated.  It was explained through bonds.  The council talked about talking with school board representatives to push for an face-lift.

4. TSSA Amendment Proposal

    • Ms. Kurtzhals talked about extra TSSP dollars.
    • Ms. Kurtzhals proposed hiring a teacher for science to reduce class sizes.
    • Ms. Kau motioned to approve.
    • Ms. Tait  seconded the motion.
    • It was unanimously approved.

5. Counseling Advisory Committee

    • November 2nd is Reality Town for 8th grade students
    • Already had multiple people signing up to volunteer. Still need more.
    • Will be starting Plan for College and Career Readiness (PCCRs) soon.

6. SCC Membership

      • Ms. Kau is moving.  We are very grateful for her service and dedication to Eastmont and its students, families, staff and community.   We wish her the best with this new adventure.
      • The next person in line is Jenni Morgan.  She will fill Ms. Kau’s spot.

7. Parent questions

8. Adjourn

    • Ms. Davis motioned to adjourn
    • Mr. Zeigler seconded to adjourn
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