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November 15, 2023 – Minutes

Agenda Items:

  1. Approval of minutes from the last meeting.
    1.  Jamison Morrison motioned to approve the minutes from the last meeting and Isaac Zeigler seconded the motion.
  2. Update on board meetings and long range planning from the district (regarding Eastmont)
    1. Stacy has a meeting tomorrow at 2:30pm to discuss what her priorities from the list of projects would be.
    2. Jordan and Eastmont’s debate students showed up and did an excellent job explaining why they shouldn’t close down Eastmont. They did an incredible job!
    3. Stacy shared the video of the student’s speeches to our Eastmont students!
  3. Update on AVID National Demonstration Status/STEM School
    1. On October 24th the AVID team came to EMS and observed classrooms and spoke with teachers and students.
    2. We are officially an Emerging AVID Demonstration school!
    3. The feedback we received from the AVID site team  focused on increasing rigor, increasing student talk and being intentional on the “why” behind the strategies we are implementing.
    4. We have submitted our intent to apply for a STEM school.
    5. There are no other schools in Canyons School District that are a STEM school.
    6. AVID has a STEM element. Stacy is meeting with our feeder elementary and high school to build in the fluidity of the STEM programs.
    7. AVID Night was a success. We had over 100 people attend as well as two Board members.

Counseling Advisory Committee

    1. CCR meetings for 8th graders are occurring now. They run from November through January.
    2. Katie, our counseling secretary, is calling parents to set up CCRs and she is running our Zen Zone, which is a place for students to take a break. This is such an important role for our students to have a familiar face and someone to talk to in the counseling center. We will be proposing to keep her position because it is so important.
  1. For students whose families are unable to attend the CCR, the counselors will meet individually with the student and an email will be sent home.
  2. Reality Town was a success. The students did a great job and enjoyed it. This year we did not assign their career based upon their grade point average. Instead, the jobs were selected randomly.
  3. We would like to invite the ROTC from Jordan High next year.
  4. We are already beginning to think about upcoming registration.
  5. Parents would like more information on the process for what happens when bullying occurs.
  6. Parent Questions
    1. Can we communicate what skill is being taught during Patriot Pride Days?
    2. Can we add what to do if your child is being bullied on the Eastmont website.
    3. Continue to send thank you emails to the Board for thinking about our Eastmont students and building.

Jamison Morrison made a motion to close the meeting and Megan Gebhard seconded the motion.

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