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March 15, 2023 – Minutes


  • Lindsey Tait, Parent
  • Nicole Ford, Vice-Chair (excused)
  • Allyn Kau, Parent
  • Rachel deAzevedo, Chair
  • Sarah Shore, Parent
  • Adam Howard, Parent
  • Isaac Zeigler, Parent
  • Megan Gebhard, Counselor
  • Stephanie Davis, Teacher
  • Randy Curtis, Teacher
  • Stacy Kurtzhals, Principal
  • Brooke Rauzon, Assistant Principal (Secretary)


  1. Approval of Minutes from January meeting.
    • Steph Davis motioned to approve the minutes from January
    • Megan Gebhard seconded the motion.
    • All in favor, no opposed
  1. Eastmont building updates.
    • Administration sent out a Parent Square with the last last update.
    • Since then, one of the custodial closets did come back positive for asbestos.
    • They are waiting on results for four more rooms and are waiting for results.
    • All students belongings from the locker room have been bagged and are sitting at Eastmont.
    • We still need to decipher whose items belong to who.
    • For locker items on the top floor-we have contacted parents to pick it up to ensure parents are comfortable taking home the items.
    • If we get access to Eastmont before the end of the year, we hope to hold a field day for our 8th graders and an orientation for the incoming 6th graders.  It was acknowledged that the current 8th grade students were also the 5th grade students when Covid shut down schools so they didn’t get elementary closure, and we want to give them that opportunity in 8th grade.
    • The long term planning involves all schools in Canyons School District and a timeline for upgrades to facilities.
    • One possibility being considered would be to have Eastmont become a magnet school to attract more students.
  1. Discussion and approval of  TSSP and Land Trust goals and spending.
    • We went through the goals at the last meeting and the goals  and action steps were approved.
    • The proposed expenditures were changed to pay the salary of one full-time teacher at Eastmont next year as well as an extra period for another teacher.
    • Changes in personnel for next year:  Reduced half-time ELA teacher and she chose to take a full-time position at a high school.
    • We still need to hire a half-time FACS teacher.
    • Ms. Hudson’s position was a temporary position for this year to decrease our 8th grade science class numbers. She will be leaving at the end of the year to seek another teacher position.
    • Our choir teacher was hired as a full-time teacher at another middle school.
    • Mr. Gelhart will be continuing to teach music classes as well as choir. The theater program would be held before or after school.
    • We will have to drop the guitar class
    • We also had to drop the percussion class, however Mr. Gelhart will teach percussion to the interested students in other classes.
    • Our FACS teacher will be leaving for a full-time position at a different middle school.
    • We will keep our 5 paras for next year.
    • We had to postpone our AVID site of distinction due to the asbestos. We will continue on our path to earn this distinction next year.
    • AVID Summer Institute expenses- we send teachers to the AVID conference in the summer.We typically take 9 teachers, however this year we will be taking 8 teachers.
    • Next week is AVID college week. Each TA class in groups of 3-4 will make a slide-show about specific colleges. Davis will make posters from the slideshow to hang throughout the school.
  1. Motion to approve the TSSP and Land Trust Plan:
    • Isaac Zeigler made a motion to approve the TSSP and Land Trust Plan as written
    • Lindsay Tate seconded the motion
    • All in favor none approved.
  1. Counseling Update
    • Working on schedules for next year
    • We are seeing a high increase in anxiety
    • Friendship drama- working on problem solving conversations and restorative conversations.
    • We will send out a reminder to parents to check their technology and ensure their friendships are going well.
  1. Motion to adjourn
    • Sarah Shore made a motion to adjourn the meeting.
    • Stepahnie Davis seconded the motion.
    • All in favor, none opposed.


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