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April 20, 2022 – Minutes

Eastmont School Community Council Agenda
Meeting Details: April 20, 2022  5:30 p.m.


  • Jen Coccimiglio, Chair (present)
  • Nicole Ford, Vice Chair (present)
  • Lindsey Tait, Parent
  • Allyn Kau, Parent (present)
  • Rachel deAzevedo, Parent (present)
  • Daniel Herzog, Parent (present)
  • Derek Gruander, Parent
  • Julie Taucher, Counselor (present)
  • Stephanie Davis, Teacher (present)
  • Stacy Kurtzhals, Principal (present)
  • Taylor Hansen, Assistant Principal (Secretary) (present)
  • Brooke Rauzon, Assistant Principal (Secretary)

Others in Attendance:

  • Randy Curtis: Teacher
  • Karen Pedersen: Candidate for Canyons School Board
  • Max Clark-Bradley: Student


  • Approval of minutes from March meeting
    • Stephanie Davis motioned to approve the minutes
    • Daniel Herzog seconded the motion
    • School Community Council (SCC) unanimously approved the minutes
  • Power issue – Stacy
    • We are requesting parents call Rocky Mountain Power and replace the powerline to the building.
  • Counseling / Parent Advisory Committee report
    • Taucher gave an update on Reality Town and how they did it differently this year. Ms. Taucher felt it was very effective and informative.  Stand out comments were, “What are utilities?”  “I can’t believe how much food costs!”
    • Taucher talked about the 6th grade communication lessons they are currently doing in College and Career Awareness (CCA)
    • Taucher asked the SCC if they see any needs that need to be addressed
      • Interpersonal communication
      • Finding a way to get over or cope with fear of missing out
      • Developing a characteristic of grit, perseverance, fortitude, determination, etc.
  • What are some biggest concerns from the Eastmont Community?
    • Our boundaries and how that is affecting student population. With a smaller student population some opportunities are limited (i.e. less electives, less ability to change classes, etc.)
      • It is hard for elementary schools to be split between middle schools
      • Kau said it can be good to split schools as it gives momentum for students to build new friendships
    • Only a small minority of the parents, students, and teaching faculty is being heard at Board Meetings
    • Facility Concerns
      • Whole school flooring concerns
      • Elevator is not ADA complaint
      • Carpet in classrooms
      • Gym floor
      • Bathrooms
  • Closing of the Meeting
    • Julie moved to close the meeting
    • Dan seconded the motion
    • SCC unanimously agreed to close the meeting
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