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April 19, 2023 – Minutes (Draft)


  1. Approval of Minutes from March meeting.
    1. Motion to approve – Davis
    2. Second – Gebhart
    3. All in favor
  2. Eastmont building updates.
    1. We have full access to the school now.
    2. There are many repairs to be completed now that we can return.
    3. Damage in the building
    4. Dirty and unkempt from being unoccupied
    5. We are planning to return to Eastmont for the last day and ½ of school.  We will ask for volunteers and have our closing ceremonies there.
  3. Update on TSSP and Land Trust goals and spending.
    1. TSSP – Currently on Track for spending goals.  We have spent $61,211 of our current allocation.  We have $47,000 allocated to go to the AVID trainings this summer and still have to pay the rest of everyone’s contract year.
    2. Landtrust – A little low on spending, currently have still not hired one para-educator position.  We have spent $37,317.08 of $99,000.  We still need to purchase binders for next year’s students (we purchase a year in advance) and continue paying our staff that have funds allocated.  We will use our additional funds as indicated on our plan.
  4. Counseling Update
    1. Needs assessment survey has been sent out
    2. Multiple surveys are sent out at the same time, sending them at different times will get better response numbers.
    3. Interim site review for Comprehensive Guidance Curriculum next year.
  5. Terms serving on SCC, who will return for 23-24
    1. Lindsey Tait- Year 2
    2. Nicole Ford – Year 2
    3. Allyn Kau – Year 2
    4. Rachel deAzevedo – Year 2
    5. Sarah Shore – Year 1 – Returning
    6. Adam Howard – Year 1- Returning
    7. Isaac Zeigler – Year 1 – Returning
  6. No meeting in May
  7. Motion to dismiss – Davis, Second Curtis All in favor
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