10100 South 1300 East
Sandy, Utah 84094

US News Utah’s Top Ranked MIddle School Badge

Ms. Davis

Stephanie Davis has been a crucial part of building the amazing, loving and warm culture we have here at Eastmont. If you are a student in this Stephanie’s class you know how much encouragement and positivity she brings to class each and every day. Students look forward to high fives and smiles as they walk into class or as they see her in the hallway.  Students even hear this her yell from three hallways away.  Stephanie inspires students to look beyond high school and reach previously unimaginable heights through her teaching of AVID.  Through her school wide leadership, Stephanie has helped steer Eastmont on the path to become a demonstration school.  Not only is she the Eastmont Teacher of the Year, she is the Canyons District Middle School Teacher of the Year!

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