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Parent Day Information

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Dear Parents,

Our Eastmont PTSA Board has planned an exciting Parent Day on Thursday, April 26th. You are invited to attend classes with your student. The teachers are looking forward to sharing the day with you. For security purposes, we ask that you come directly to the main entrance of the school on the top level to register your presence in the building. There will be PTSA volunteers at tables set up in front of the office for parent sign-in.

Please understand that this is a regular workday for your students and their teachers so you will be here as an observer. Please make arrangements for younger siblings to stay with a babysitter so this time can be about you and your middle school student. While you are in the classroom, please observe the same classroom rules that are enforced for students. NO ELECTRONIC DEVICES, CELL PHONES OR IPODS are to be used in the classroom during class time and no food and drinks in the classroom. Please make sure all electronics are turned off before going into the classroom. If you would like to visit with a teacher about concerns regarding the class or your student, please email the teacher from the Eastmont Middle School website: eastmontmiddle.canyonsdistrict.org or leave a message in the front office requesting a call from the teacher. Teachers have only 5 minutes between classes to prepare for the next group of students. Please do not approach them to discuss issues during these class break times.

BELL SCHEDULE – April 26th

(Please have your student fill in the teacher name and room for you)

Period 1                                               7:50 - 8:38                                                                                          Room                  

Period 2                                               8:43 - 9:30                                                                                           Room                  

Period 3                                               9:35 - 10:22                                                                                        Room                  

Period 4                                               10:27 – 10:52                                                                                      Room                  

A Lunch students:

A Lunch                                10:52 - 11:22

Period 5 (A)                        11:27 - 12:14                                                                                       Room                  

B Lunch students:

Period 5 (B)                      10:57 – 11:44                                                                                      Room                  

B Lunch                              11:44 - 12:14

Period 6                                               12:19 - 1:06                                                                                         Room                  

Period 7                                               1:11 – 1:58                                                                                          Room                  

Period 8                                               2:03 – 2:50                          _________________________ Room________

*LUNCH from the cafeteria is available. The cost of an adult lunch is $3.00. You may bring cash or check and pay on Parent Day in the cafeteria. You may also use your students’ lunch account as long as there is sufficient money in the account (check the balance prior to Parent Day). Our lunch clerks are not equipped to give change. If you do not bring exact change, you can apply the balance to your child’s lunch account. PLEASE do not check your student out for lunch. In past years this has caused problems with the students missing afternoon classes or coming in late and disrupting the classes. You are welcome to bring in lunch.