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Eastmont Middle’s Moss Named Runner-up in Utah Teacher of the Year Contest

Shortly after Emma Moss found out Thursday, Oct. 1 that the Utah State Board of Education named her as a runner-up for the 2021 Utah Teacher of the Year award, she had one of those days that is sure to rank as a highlight of her career.

Since Moss was named as the 2020 Canyons Teacher of the Year in April, her students have been anxiously waiting to hear if she would be chosen as a statewide winner. On Thursday, they received the news with cheers and applause — and a tender exchange.

“It was a great moment today,” Moss said. “One of the students said, ‘This is so great, it means I get to sit with the greatest teacher,’ and I said, ‘And I get to sit with the greatest students.’ It was a really good day to hear them say that and to be able to say that back to them.”

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