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Canyons Fall Opening Guidelines to be Discussed

Canyons School Board will be hosting its digital meeting on Tuesday, June 30th at 7:00pm. Additional information on how to stream the meeting, as well as participate during the public comment portion of the meeting can be found by clicking here

Special note: The public comment portion of the meeting takes place just after 7:00pm. You must e-mail at least 15 minutes prior in order to be added to the speaking list. Include your name, phone number, and the topic you wish to discuss in the email. Additional steps can be found in the link above.

New business for this month’s meeting includes:

  1. CSD opening school action plan proposal (first read)
    1. For more information click here.
  2. Special session budget update
    1. For more information on the update click here.
    2. For more information on the funding reversals click here.
    3. For more information on the proposed funding click here.
  3. Student discipline policy update
    1. For information on the policy update click here.
    2. To read the memo on the discipline policy click here.
    3. To review the administration guidelines clock here.
    4. To read more on the exhibit levels of behavior click here.
    5. To access the CSD policy manual click here.
    6. To review the student discipline and conduct document click here.
    7. To review the summary of new and revised conduct click here.
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