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Starting Friday, October 9th, Fridays will be Virtual Learning Days. There will be no in person instruction for students on Fridays.  Friday coursework will be virtual through Canvas.

What do we mean by a Virtual Learning Friday? 

Friday is a day of learning.  Teachers are expected to have a Canvas Module and assigned learning task for students to complete during the day.  Assignments will be given for each class and should be completed for credit by Sunday evening.  We suggest working together with your child and setting a Friday schedule.  Setting schedules and daily routines can be extremely helpful in completing assigned learning tasks efficiently.  Below is a sample student schedule that could be used (or modified) to help your children get the most out of each Virtual Learning Friday.  This is a sample schedule, and could be modified for your needs.


9:00 ELA
9:30 Math
10:00 Elective A
10:30 Break/Stretch/Snack
10:45 Science
11:15 Social Studies
11:45  Elective B
Noon Lunch
12:30 PE or other elective


Students are expected to check in to each class’s Canvas course, review any announcements, and complete the assigned learning tasks.

All Classes will post learning tasks/assignments that are expected to take students 20-30 minutes to complete.  If the work is taking longer than that, please communicate with your teacher.  Planning for activities virtually instead of in class takes time to figure out.

Communication:  All classes use Canvas.  This is not a new platform for students.  Students are already using Canvas daily in most of their classes.  Information about the assigned Friday learning tasks will be posted in individual Canvas courses.

Teacher Office Hours on Friday:  All teachers will have office hours on Fridays from 9:15 – 11:15.  These hours will be scheduled school wide.  During teacher office hours, teachers will be communicating with students and parents and supporting the learning of students through phone calls, emails, and/or Google Meets. A phone list is attached to the back of this page.

Attendance: To complete attendance, there will be a link on your home page of Canvas.  You will only need to complete this one time on a Friday.

801-826-7061 Alger, Anna
801-826-7056 Batty, Jessica
801-826-7076 Campos, Mike
801-826-7017 Curtis, Randy
801-826-7027 Davis, Stephanie
801-826-7021 Digerness, River
801-826-7033 Fullmer, Russ
801-826-7057 Fuqua, Arianne
801-826-7041 Greene, Ethan
801-826-7032 Greeno, Jeannine
801-826-7048 Gregson, Marc
801-826-7013 Hansen, Taylor
801-826-7029 Heath, Robin
801-826-7034 Jensen, Corey
801-826-7001 Kurtzhals, Stacy
801-826-7055 Law, Michele
801-826-7046 Martin, Lynne
801-826-7043 Mellor, Richard
801-826-7025 Mickelsen, Lynette
801-826-7016 Miller, Mindy
801-826-7031 Moss, Emma
801-826-7058 Munoz, Andrew
801-826-7062 Quinonez, Melissa
801-826-7012 Rauzon, Brooke
801-826-7023 Reavy, Heather
801-826-7047 Reimann, Josh
801-826-7024 Schott, Stephanie
801-826-7038 Seipel, Ben
801-826-7074 Severn, Malinda
801-826-7068 Shenosky, Diane
801-826-7040 Shurtz, Melanie
801-826-7042 Snow, Mark
801-826-7054 Stefanic, John
801-826-7022 Taucher, Julie
801-826-7030 Turley, Kayla
801-826-7059 VanDyken, Nic
801-826-7044 Wagner, Daren
801-826-7037 Watts, Shannon
801-826-7052 West, Cody
801-826-7073 Zordan, Whitney
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