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2022 Teacher of the Year

There are so many words that can describe Eastmont’s Teacher of the Year for 2021-2022. This teacher is organized, responsible, creative, knowledgeable, reflective, tech-savvy, student-centered, witty, and more.

When you enter into this teacher’s classroom, you immediately see organization. The objective and agenda are clearly posted and students immediately jump into the lesson. Student activities could be anything from researching and creating a poster, a simulation, a reading, a Nearpod, a classroom discussion, interactive note taking, a Quizlet, and more. AVID strategies are utilized to engage students and to help them to learn, inquire, and collaborate. Their Canvas page has been worked on tirelessly in order to provide a multitude of resources and links to enrich and support student learning. And, for anyone who has ever been a teacher, it’s evident that this teacher knows exactly what they’re doing. Their lesson planning, preparation, and willingness to grow and better themselves doesn’t go unnoticed.

For students, they find this teacher to have high expectations. Not much “monkey business” occurs in this classroom; mostly because this teacher cares so much about their students’ success and preparation for high school. Time is not wasted in this classroom and much is expected. There’s no doubt that this teacher knows their subject area, as they provide examples to real life, and strive to point out the “why” with each and every lesson. Snarky jokes and references to Star Wars lightens the mood and brings a smile to their faces. But at the end of the period, there’s no question that students have learned.

To this teacher: Your hard work has paid off. We know the sacrifices you have made in school and out of school to be the best teacher possible, even at times, at the expense of your own family. Thank you for being not only a solid and effective teacher, but a caring, devoted, and kind colleague. You are a very important member of our Eastmont family and we appreciate all you do, day in and day out, to be the best teacher and best person possible. It’s our honor to announce that this year’s teacher of the year is our very own, Lynne Martin.

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