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Harry Potter Room on KUTV News

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Sandy middle school teacher creates Potter-themed escape room for students

(KUTV) — A Utah middle school teacher is bringing to life history, science, and music in a whole new way.

Sixth-grade teacher Richard Mellor at Eastmont Middle School in Sandy took a typical storage closet and turned it into an amazing and detailed Harry Potter escape room that looks like something right out of a Universal Studios theme park.

Students must solve 40 puzzles, which eventually lead to a hidden key that unlocks the door.

“Solving this puzzle then allows them to find the correct key which opens this puzzle,” said Mellor, as he talked about how it all works.

“And when they look at the measure there are four notes and those four notes are the answer to open another lock,” said Mellor, showing off a music theory-inspired puzzle.

Mellor says it’s all about bringing to life skills that are taught in the classroom.

“They come in with an education and they have to use that education to be even able to get out,” Mellor said. “There are a lot of complicated puzzles they have to solve and they get to work together as a team and build great memories. The puzzles range in topics from mathematics, science, history, musical and some art puzzles.”

But the project wasn’t easy. Mellor says he started Christmas break of last year and worked 14-hour days putting in hardwood floors, redesigning the walls and painting the ceiling.

He says he’s spent more than 300 hours to get it done. He got a grant from the Chevron Fuel Your School program that helped pay for it.

It opened to students two weeks ago and he’s hoping to open it up to the community in the next week or two.

So far, it looks like students just can’t get enough to it.

“You get an immediate outcome from all these puzzles and math things that you are solving,” said Anika Boyer. “It’s amazing!”

More information about Mellor's Potter-themed escape room can be found on the Canyon School District web site.

End of Year Dates To Know

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May 7-11                     Teacher Appreciation Week

May 14                        8th Grade Lagoon permission slips distributed

May 17                        Annual LuAnn Gustafson School Clean Up Day 3-4:00 PM

May 17                        Band and Orchestra Concert 6:00 pm

                                    Guitar and Choir Concert 7:30 pm

May 23                        All Library books due

May 23                        POM Assembly

May 25                        8th Grade Lagoon Permission slips and $5 bus fee due

May 28                        Memorial Day - No school

May 29-June 1             Last week of Patriot Time

May 30                        Poetry Slam All day

May 31                        Last day of ZAP

May 31                        8th Grade Assembly

May 31                        8th Grade Lagoon Day

                                    Busses leave at 9:00 AM, return approximately 6:00 PM

June 1                          Locker clean out – end of the day

                                                Students will clean out lockers during TA

June 6                          Last Day for 6th Grade

June 6                          Memory Books handed out

June 7                          Last Day of School – 7th and 8th grade 7:50 – 11:50 a.m.

Looking ahead:

August 2                      First day of online registration

August 20                    Back to School Night 5:30 – 6:30 pm

August 21                    First day of school for 6th Grade 7:50 – 11:50 am

August 22                    First day of school for 7th and 8th Grade

September 12              School Pictures

Parent Day Information

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Dear Parents,

Our Eastmont PTSA Board has planned an exciting Parent Day on Thursday, April 26th. You are invited to attend classes with your student. The teachers are looking forward to sharing the day with you. For security purposes, we ask that you come directly to the main entrance of the school on the top level to register your presence in the building. There will be PTSA volunteers at tables set up in front of the office for parent sign-in.

Please understand that this is a regular workday for your students and their teachers so you will be here as an observer. Please make arrangements for younger siblings to stay with a babysitter so this time can be about you and your middle school student. While you are in the classroom, please observe the same classroom rules that are enforced for students. NO ELECTRONIC DEVICES, CELL PHONES OR IPODS are to be used in the classroom during class time and no food and drinks in the classroom. Please make sure all electronics are turned off before going into the classroom. If you would like to visit with a teacher about concerns regarding the class or your student, please email the teacher from the Eastmont Middle School website: eastmontmiddle.canyonsdistrict.org or leave a message in the front office requesting a call from the teacher. Teachers have only 5 minutes between classes to prepare for the next group of students. Please do not approach them to discuss issues during these class break times.

BELL SCHEDULE – April 26th

(Please have your student fill in the teacher name and room for you)

Period 1                                               7:50 - 8:38                                                                                          Room                  

Period 2                                               8:43 - 9:30                                                                                           Room                  

Period 3                                               9:35 - 10:22                                                                                        Room                  

Period 4                                               10:27 – 10:52                                                                                      Room                  

A Lunch students:

A Lunch                                10:52 - 11:22

Period 5 (A)                        11:27 - 12:14                                                                                       Room                  

B Lunch students:

Period 5 (B)                      10:57 – 11:44                                                                                      Room                  

B Lunch                              11:44 - 12:14

Period 6                                               12:19 - 1:06                                                                                         Room                  

Period 7                                               1:11 – 1:58                                                                                          Room                  

Period 8                                               2:03 – 2:50                          _________________________ Room________

*LUNCH from the cafeteria is available. The cost of an adult lunch is $3.00. You may bring cash or check and pay on Parent Day in the cafeteria. You may also use your students’ lunch account as long as there is sufficient money in the account (check the balance prior to Parent Day). Our lunch clerks are not equipped to give change. If you do not bring exact change, you can apply the balance to your child’s lunch account. PLEASE do not check your student out for lunch. In past years this has caused problems with the students missing afternoon classes or coming in late and disrupting the classes. You are welcome to bring in lunch.

Rachel and Friends take 1st Place!

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IMG 2488The first Canyons School District Battle of the Books competition was held 4/13/18.  Eastmont Middle School was well represented with The Magical Mages and Rachel and Friends at district.  Eastmont Middle School had stiff competition with 62 student teams competing at their school competition on 4/10/18 and these were our top two teams.  At the CSD competition at Midvale MS, the 3rd place team was Mount Jordan's "The "Kickin' Chickens" who lost a semi-final tiebreaker round to Eastmont Middle's "Rachel and Friends" who went on to the final round against the Mount Jordan "Dragons" and won 23-15 for the championship! Mike Sirois and Alice Peck, CSD's School Performance Directors, judged the final rounds. #eastmontreads #nationallibraryweek #wearecanyons #patriotpride

Battle of the Books

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Congratulations to "The Magical Mages" for winning Eastmont Middle School's Battle of the Books competition for the second year in a row!  They will go on to compete in the CSD competition, along with the 2nd place team "Rachel and Friends," on Friday at Midvale Middle School.  Good luck! #patriotpride #wearecanyons #eastmontreads