Student Recognition Programs

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Honor Roll:

Students who work to maintain a 3.5 or higher GPA for the entire quarter attain a position on the Honor Roll.


Students who work to maintain a 4.0 GPA for the entire quarter attain a position on the A-Team. 

CSI Club:

CSI stands for Consistent Scholastic Improvement. Students who raise their GPA by 0.5 points from one quarter to the next quarter are members of the CSI Club.

No Tardies:

Students who are on time for every class, every day all quarter attain a position on the No Tardy List.

100% Attendance:

Students who have no absences except for excused school activities receive recognition as a 100% attendee.

All-H Club:

Students who earn an H (honor) grade for citizenship in all eight of their classes are members of the 8-H Club.

POD (Patriot of the Day):

Patriots of the Day winners are nominated by a teacher each day for something special. They are nominated for a wide variety of reasons including; showing kindness, strong citizenship, academic accomplishments, and many others.

POM (Patriot of the Month):

Students are nominated by teachers for POM based on GPA, citizenship, behavior, and qualities such as dependability, respect, honesty, and punctuality. These students are then screened to make sure they meet the requirements. The candidates are then placed on a ballot and teachers rank them based on a rubric scale. The winning students are honored at our Patriot of the Month assembly. They receive a certificate and trophy at the assembly.

Red, White and Blue Club:

Students who have perfect attendance and no tardies will be invited to be part of the Red, White and Blue club.