Tardy Policy

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Punctuality is a skill that will benefit students now and in the future. In addition, students coming in late distract others and often require extra teacher time and attention as the teacher re-explains instructions. Teachers are encouraged to develop a system of dealing with tardiness that impresses upon students the importance of coming on time to class, and helps them move toward acquisition of this habit. Bell work has proven to be an excellent deterrent to tardiness.

Teachers are expected to manage minor issues with punctuality within the classroom through classroom intervention, student conferences and parent contact. When a student’s tardiness is an ongoing problem that has not improved with the interventions the teacher has implemented, including parental contact, a referral should be made to the student’s assistant principal.

Students are to be in their seats in the classroom with their materials ready when the bell rings; otherwise, they will be considered tardy. Students who arrive more than 10 minutes after the tardy bell has rung need to go to the attendance window to get a check-in slip. Students will be allowed to make up two tardies per class per grading term by making arrangements with the classroom teacher. The made-up tardy will no longer affect the citizenship grade, although it will continue to show on the school and district attendance records for the parents’ information. Students who have excessive tardies will receive an administrative referral. When a student’s tardies become excessive, the following procedures may be used:

Referral to the administration on the 5th and subsequent tardies will result in a school based consequence.

Each tardy will affect the citizenship grade as follows:

Honors (H):

0-3 tardies the student is eligible to earn an H

Satisfactory (S):

4-5 tardies The student is eligible to earn an S

Needs Improvement (N):

5-6 tardies The student is eligible to earn an N

Unsatisfactory (U):

6 or more tardies The student is assigned a U