Canyons and Joomla

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Building a rich Joomla site, with contributions from a wide range of staff, parent, and student contributors, is powerfully reflective of the core values of Canyons District:

1) Student Achievement – Clear, up-to-date communication through the website will provide to students and their parents more consistent access to teacher-created materials, school information, and other resources   to enhance their learning and support their achievements, in and out of school.

2) Innovation – Website utilization can creatively enlist the power of technology - not just in classroom training for students, but in carrying out the core workings of the schoolWebsite utilization can also open the door to other innovative uses of technology, such as inclusion of training videos and other media to support teaching, extracurricular activities, student government initiatives, new student orientation, and other school functionsIt can also act in powerful synergy with social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, to inform students and community of important school initiatives and activities.

 3) Customer Service – Providing clear, up-to-date information on the site can serve our students, parents, and community in a greatly enhanced way. Such a site can provide more consistent access to our school’s wonderful ideology and resources; provide value-added benefits to our students and their families; and greatly expand transparency and communication with the public.

4) Community Engagement – This is at the very core of Joomla ideology. Joomla is an African word meaning “All of Us – Together!” As we collaborate in content creation and management on our site, we can build a powerful sense of community, contributed to in a meaningful, consistent way by school staff, teachers, parents, district personnel, and students – all of us working side by side, arm in arm, over time, in this powerful joint venture.