Intramural Sports

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Middle School Intramurals Philosophy:

To provide ALL students with an opportunity to be compete in spirited activities that promote healthy lifestyles, leadership, development and teamwork.

6th-8th Grade Intramurals
Cross Country

2 Meets during the year:  QUAD meet (all participants of 4 schools compete) and District meet (top 3 boys and girls from each grade compete)

For the District meet:  All coaches and participants should arrive by 8:30 am. Parade of Athletes will begin at 9:00 am.  The girls’ race will begin at 9:20 am and the Boys’ race at 9:50 am. Race distance is approximately 1.6 miles.  Awards will be presented immediately following the boys’ race.

Participants: Top 3 boys and top 3 girls from each grade level for a total of 18 participants from each school. Each participant must have a sticker with the School Name, Participant Name, and Grade level.

            Medals for the top 3 girls’ and top 3 boys’ at each grade level
            Medals for the top 3 girls’ and top 3 boys’ overall
            Trophies for the top 3 girls’ teams and top 3 boys’ teams

The top 5 finishers from each school will be used to determine the team winners. In the event of a tie the 6th place runner will be used. The lowest team score wins. Example: Your runners place 2nd, 5th, 7th, 10th, and 12th overall. Your team score is 36 points. You must have a minimum of 5 runners start and finish the race to qualify for team scoring. Runners without a full team may still compete for the overall and grade level awards.
5 on 5 Co-Ed Soccer

5 players mixed co-ed on field. Eight players per team. At least 2 must be girls Minimum of 1 girl playing at all times.
20 minute games—running clock. 2-10 minute halves. Teams switch sides
Single-elimination tournament (awards for 1st & 2nd place teams)
1 team per grade level per school
Soccer rules apply except off-sides. No slide tackling. Players call fouls. Defense must be back 5 yards from fouls
Penalty kicks are 5 yards from arc. At middle (center) of the field
No Goalie. No player allowed in goal area
Substitutions only on dead ball (out of bounds, goal, penalty)
No goal can be scored from a throw-in
Tie-Breaker: sudden death alternating shoot-out from midfield
Sportsmanship will be of the highest priority
Size 5 ball
Field size is approximately 50 yds x 25 yds
There will be 2 fields per grade until finals
Blind draw determines schedule
Team 1 vs Team 2 & Team 3 vs Team 4 @ 4:00 pm
Team 5 vs Team 6 & Team 7 vs Team 8 @ 4:30 pm
Each school brings two goals & 1 flip scoreboard

6th-8th Grade Basketball

Date:     Three day event for competition

Time:     4:00 pm each day (arrive at 3:30 pm)

Location:     Jordan High School


Two boys teams and 2 girls teams per grade per school for a total of 12 teams.
Teams of up to 5 players with 3 on the floor at a time.
Seeding will be a blind draw with the #1 sees playing the #2 seeds. The draw will be the same for all schools, each gender, but not each grade level.
The tournament is single elimination. There will be a 3rd and 4th place game.
Trophies will be given for places 1-4 and medals for the members of those teams.
Players will call their own fouls. Sportsmanship will be the highest priority.
Games will be 18 minutes long with a running clock.
All baskets are worth 2 points.
The ball will be back-courted past the free-throw line. All dead ball play must start with a check pass and then it may be passed, dribbled, or shot. Opposite team receives the ball after a score.
Tie games will be settled by sudden death free-throws. Each team picks one player to shoot. If both make the shot or both miss the shot a new team shooter from each team shoots. If one makes the shot and the other misses the tie is broken.
Schools will need to provide 2 score flip charts for the tournament.
Boys' Tournament will be in the main gym with the girls' tournament in the Aux gym.
A master bracket will be in each gym with match-ups and games times.
School jerseys or other shirts used for uniform (no super league jerseys)
Please do your best to have a full roster of teams.


6th-8th Grade Chess