Eastmont Attendance Policy

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The philosophy of Eastmont Middle School is that the explanations, clarifications and discussions that take place in the classroom are invaluable components of the learning experience, and the natural consequence of absence from the classroom is reduced academic performance.  Attendance to school is directly related to a student’s successful completion of coursework.  Utah’s Compulsory Education Law states that all school age children must be in attendance at school unless there is a valid and legitimate excuse (Utah Code 53-A-11-101).  The goal of the Eastmont attendance policy is to increase student success by encouraging daily attendance.



  • Ensure that their student attends regularly and on time.
  • Notify the attendance office immediately when a student is absent.
  • Notify attendance office prior to student being checked out.
  • Contact the school Attendance Office at 801-826-7010 when your student is unable to attend, stating the reason for the absence.  State law requires schools to track student attendance including the reason for absences.   If a call is not made, the student is considered unexcused (truant).
  • Late arrivals due to legitimate reason such as illness, medical or dental appointments are considered excused. Parents are asked to send a note with their student if the late arrival should be excused. All other late arrivals (i.e. weather, sleeping in, etc.)are considered unexcused and are subject to disciplinary action according to the school tardy policy.

  • Attend school regularly.
  • Arrive to each class on time.
  • Collect work missed during an absence.
  • Check in:  Students arriving at school after 8:05 a.m. must check in at the Attendance Office to receive an admit slip to class. 
  • Check-outs are to be handled in the Attendance Office before school begins.  A phone call may be made to the parent for confirmation.  Students will be checked out only to adults listed on their registration card and, for the student’s safety, that adult must come into the school to pick up the student.

  • Enter attendance/tardies every period
  • Develop procedures and guidelines that promote good attendance

  • Notify parents if attendance is irregular or if there are excessive unexcused absences
  • Develop procedures and guidelines that promote good attendance


Eastmont Middle School students and parents may check class grades and attendance records over the Internet through Skyward.


Eastmont Middle School uses the same standard for excused absences as defined by the State of Utah:

  • Illness verified by a parent phone call and/or doctor’s note provided to the Attendance Office (parents may excuse up to 10 days of illness per school year; after 10 days, a doctor note may be required).
  • Medical appointments (provide a doctor note to Attendance Office)
  • Special family or religious event such as the wedding of a family member
  • Death of a family member or close friend
  • Pre-approved Educational Leave for family activity or travel consistent with district/school policy
  • Court appearance








The student was absent and the school received no call or note from the parent or guardian.


In-School Suspension

The student has been placed in in-school suspension.


Verified Excused Absence

The student was absent and is considered excused because of illness, medical, or dental appointment verified by a note from the doctor, death or funeral of family member, court appearance, family wedding, etc.


Guardian Knowledge

The student was absent and the parent or guardian provided a call or note.  This excuse is not considered excused by the Truancy Court or Canyons School District in the case of excessive absences.


Home and Hospital

The student is receiving educational services at home due to extended illness, injury or disciplinary placement.


Check in

The student was absent during the beginning of the day or period and checked in with a valid & verified excuse.



The student was out of class due to school testing or SEOP.


Detention/Crisis Center

This student is being held in a county detention center or Juvenile Receiving Center.


Excused Tardy

The student came to class late with a valid and verified excuse.


School Activity

The student is out of class due to a school sponsored activity.


Check out

The student was absent during the end of the day or period and checked out with a valid and verified excuse.



The student is out of school on suspension.



The student came to class 10 minutes or less late.


Educational Leave

The student is absent due to a prearranged vacation or educational leave.


Way Late

The student was more than 10 minutes late.


Counselor Conference

The student is in a conference with a counselor.


Administrative Conference

The student is in a conference with an administrator or office personnel.


Verified Truancy

The student was truant (sluffing) and the truancy was verified.