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Eastmont Middle School

Parent Academic Resource Guide

How can I support my child at home?

1.   Look at Skyward regularly (how to log onto Skyward) and this link is a tutorial on getting the mobile app
2.   Ask your child how their day went everyday
3.   Set aside time and develop rules together for daily homework time
4.   Encourage organizations systems (AVID Binder and planner)
5.   Review study guides for upcoming tests
6.   Email the teacher for support as soon as you see a drop in their grade
7.   Supervise technology use
8.   Encourage your child to be at school

Main Office:
(801) 826-7000

Ms. Taucher A-K
(801) 826-7022
Ms. Digerness L-Z
(801) 826-7021

How to use Canvas:


My child is failing!  What do I do?
1.     Look at Skyward regularly (bi-weekly)
2.     On Skyward determine which assignments are not completed
3.     Email the teacher to see if they can give another copy to your child
4.     Determine two focus classes your child will improve on
5.     Have the child attend after school enrichment with the teacher.
6.     Email the teacher for any upcoming assessments
7.     Set aside study time at home to study for upcoming assessments
8.     Set up a teacher/parent meeting to discuss your child’s progress

Science Resource and STEM
(separated by topics)

Social Studies (separated by topic) (research) (interactive sites)

Writing and Research (how to write and sample papers) (citing papers) (writing papers)

Vocabulary Resources (games to play at home) (more games at home - register as a parent) (more games to play at home) (articles how to increase children’s vocabulary) (article how to increase children’s vocabulary) (article how to increase children’s vocabulary)

Online Safety (information about online safety) (tips)

- + Math Resource ÷ x
Grade Level Support (click on subject in top left corner, no need to sign up with an email, math videos for all subjects) (videos for pre-algebra, algebra, & counting and probability) (written explanations, worksheets, calculator check) (videos for 8th grade support – click on the person’s picture to pick your teacher) (sort by grade and subject) (similar to a textbook)
Supplemental Support (math puzzles and riddles) (math video games)
Review Support (basic facts games – multiple grades) (math practice – multiple grades) (basic facts games – multiple grades) (separated by topics) (reflex math instructions)

Reading Resources
Ask your child for their SRI score and visit the following websites to practice reading at home.  When they find the text is too easy to read (fluency and comprehension), move to a higher number. (passages by topic and lexile level) (news articles by reading lexile level)
Read aloud to your child (Why reading aloud is important) (Reading aloud guidelines) (Strategies with Harry Potter books)
Parent Support (information on Lexile levels) (Parent strategies about reading) (Home library) (Parent questions)
Review Support (basic reading tips to implement at home) (games for spelling, grammar, root words, etc.) (speaking and listening, vocab, grammar games)