Patriot Time Sept 25-27

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PATRIOT TIME - September 25, 26, 27

LAST NAME Rm # Tuesday - Priority ELA/History Wednesday - Priority Electives Thursday - Priority Math/Sci.
Alger 301 Yale Tutoring Stretch: Read-a-thon Yale Tutoring
Campos 218 Concept Mastery Stretch: Frisbee Fetch Closed Tutoring
Curtis 204 Closed Tutoring Closed Tutoring Closed Tutoring
Davis 105/gym Teacher Not Here Teacher Not Here Stretch: Fast Pass (26) tickets only
Forsyth 215/226 Closed Tutoring Concept Mastery Stretch: Playdough
Franklin 305 Closed Tutoring Closed Tutoring Closed Tutoring
Fullmer 209 Concept Mastery Dartmouth Tutoring Dartmouth Tutoring
Greeno 202/gym Princeton Tutoring Closed Tutoring Stretch: Fitness Center
Gregson 318 Closed Tutoring Yale Tutoring Yale Tutoring
Hatch 324 Closed Tutoring Closed Tutoring Closed Tutoring
Jensen 216 Closed Tutoring (ELA) Dartmouth Tutoring Closed Tutoring (Debate)
Kimzey 126 Stretch: Musical Chairs Closed Tutoring Stretch: Musical Chairs
Law 222 Stretch: Free Rice Service Project we have 2300 grains of rice so far Concept Mastery Stretch: Silent Reading
Martin 213 Dartmouth Tutoring Dartmouth Tutoring Concept Mastery
Mellor 303 Closed Tutoring Stretch: Board Games
(in the cafeteria)
Stretch: Coloring Pages
(in the cafeteria)
Mickelsen 208 Dartmouth Tutoring Concept Mastery Concept Mastery
Miles Front Entry Study Hall Study Hall Stretch:Tennis
Ms. Miller 323 Closed Tutoring Study Hall Teacher Not Here
Moss 313 Closed Tutoring Concept Mastery Closed Tutoring
Reavy 311 Yale Tutoring Yale Tutoring Closed Tutoring
Reimann 124 Concept Mastery Closed Tutoring Stretch: How to play a blues scale/solo technique
Riley 316 Concept Mastery Stretch: Trivia Princeton Tutoring
Scheetz 207 Concept Mastery Closed Tutoring: 7th Closed Tutoring: 8th Grade
Schott 201 Study Hall Dartmouth Tutoring Concept Mastery
Severn 314 Study Hall Concept Mastery Concept Mastery
Shenosky 310 Concept Mastery Yale Tutoring Concept Mastery
Shurtz 211 Concept Mastery Princeton Tutoring Princeton Tutoring
Snow 110A Strech: Kahoot Study Hall Stretch: Bingo
Stefanic 309 Stretch: Chess Closed Tutoring Closed Tutoring
Taucher 300 Binder Help None Stretch: Anxiety Busters
VanDyken 320 Princeton Tutoring Concept Mastery Study Hall
Vanier 308 Closed Tutoring Yale Tutoring Concept Mastery
Wagner 110/gym Stretch: Basketball Closed Tutoring: Make ups Dartmouth Tutoring
Wonnacott 210 Stretch: Science Video Princeton Tutoring Concept Mastery
Zordan 108/109 Stretch: How to Draw a Pug Study Hall Stretch: How to Shade a Sphere
Testing/Clark 223 Testing Center Testing Center Testing Center
Library LMC Study Hall Study Hall Study Hall