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Eastmont Middle School, home of the “Patriots”, is one of eight middle schools in the Canyons School District. The School is located in the eastern area near the foot of the Wasatch Mountain Range, thus the name Eastmont. Designed by the Mortmorency, Hayes and Talbot Architects and constructed by Acord Harris Associates, the physical plant was built to accommodate 1,200 students.

It was completed and equipped for school opening in the fall of 1973, with a cost of just over five million dollars. During the years 1997 through 1999, the facility was completely remodeled and updated.

Under the direction of Mr. Marlin A. Fairbourn, the school’s first principal, Eastmont opened as a Junior High School serving students in grades 7, 8, and 9. With a change of educational philosophy, there was a move throughout the Jordan District to incorporate the “middle school” concept. As a result, beginning in the 1979-80 school year the sixth grade students were moved from the elementary to middle school and the ninth grade students were moved from middle school to the high school setting. Eastmont, therefore, became a middle school serving grades 6, 7, and 8. Because of financial and population demographics, the Jordan School District was forced to change the configuration back to the original grade divisions. At present, we are Eastmont Middle School with grades 6, 7, and 8 being housed in an atmosphere incorporating the middle school philosophy.

Since Mr. Fairbourn, there have been six principals at Eastmont: Glayde Hill, N. J. Tullos, Catherine Jensen, Anne White, Janice Sterzer, and our present principal, Stacy Kurtzhals. Assistant Principals have been Talmage Taylor, Craig Sudbury, Reed Thatcher (Intern), Tom Hicks, Sherril Taylor, William R. Evans (Intern), Jim Marsh, Sharon Souter, Audrey Wells, Kenneth L. Van Ausdal, Nedra Sproul, Marc Sowa (Intern), Jim Reusch, Christy Waddell, Tim Brooks, Ben Jameson, Stacy Kurtzhals, Charisse Hilton, and now Stacy Kurtzhals again.

Eastmont has housed as many as 1,640 students and as few as 789. Eastmont currently serves a student body of 789. These students come from a diversified and varied socioeconomic background. In the fall of 2012, Eastmont had the following ethnic make-up: 80.1% Caucasian; 10.7% Hispanic; 2.0% Asian; 1.5% Pacific Islander; 1.6% Black; 1.1% Native American; and 2.4% other. Only 1.1% of our students are English Language Learners.

The building is attractive and well-kept. The Patriot theme is carried out in hall displays, including: the Patriot Hall, where pictures showing the history of our country are displayed; the Modern Day Patriots and the Patriots Among Us displays, which honor lives of dedication and sacrifice to community and country. Students and staff are especially proud of the “Patriot Pride in Achievement” display where our students’ high academic and citizenship achievement is highlighted. 

In the forty years since Eastmont Middle School opened its doors, the school has proven its worth. Visitors to our school are impressed with the high academic performance of the students and the warm and caring atmosphere. Eastmont students are known for their respectful behavior and their inclusive and caring treatment of peers. Secretaries in the office run an impressive station of diligent operation and friendly cooperation.

During the school year, 1983-84, Eastmont Middle School won the Bell Recognition Award for Outstanding Progress toward Excellence in Education. This tradition of progressive thinking and “can-do” spirit has resulted in the school’s reputation for high academic achievement. From 2006 to 2013, a number of important student and teacher support programs were implemented at Eastmont (Patriot Time, Zap, Student-based Grading, and Teacher Data Teams). These resulted in an average 25% increase in student achievement on the state Criterion Referenced Tests and the State Direct Writing Assessment (CRT and DWA). Eastmont students consistently perform well on all state and national assessments and often lead the district in their scores on state tests. Staff members work to improve their skills and develop programs that support the success of all students.

All classrooms at Eastmont are equipped with the latest advances in classroom technology including audio-enhancement systems, ceiling mounted projectors, interactive white boards, and document cameras in every room. There are five, up-to-date student computer labs, and multiple mobile laptop, iPad and iPod labs. There is an excellent school library where students also access online information.

In addition to their core classes, Eastmont students choose from a diverse selection of elective courses including instrumental and choral music, dance, theatre, art, Spanish, and FACS, technology, and woods/manufacturing courses, all offered in excellent facilities.

At Eastmont we enjoy the services of an active PTSA whose members are in the school often to lend support to students and teachers. Each year they sponsor a Parent Day where parents join their students attending classes for the day. They also sponsor the yearly musical and the annual LuAnne Gustafson School Clean Up Day where community members join students in making the school grounds attractive. Eastmont also has an active and strong School Community Council.

Eastmont staff members are noted for their commitment to preparing students for success in their future educational endeavors, careers and personal lives. They are true to the school mission, "Getting students college and career ready through implementation of AVID strategies."