Patriot Time Sept. 19-21

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PATRIOT TIME - Sept. 19,20,21
LAST NAME Rm # Tuesday - Priority ELA/History Wednesday - Priority Electives Thursday - Priority Math/Sci.
Alger 301 CM Tutorial Stretch: Read-a-thon
Campos 218 CM-Absolute Location Stretch-Frisbee Fetch Tutorial
Davis 105/gym Tutorial PE Make-ups Tutorial CCA 105 Stretch: Knock out gym (Tickets from Coach Davis)
DeBaker 203 Tutorial Tutorial Stretch: Astrology
Exon 207 CM: Sentence Test Tutorial Stretch: TED Talks
Forsyth 215/226 Tutorial CM Stretch: Communication Games
Fullmer 209 CM Tutorial Tutorial
Garso 324 Closed Tutorial Closed Tutorial Closed Tutorial
Gold 318 CM Tutorial Silent Reading
Greeno 202 Tutorial Tutorial Tutorial
Jensen 216 Tutorial Stretch: Story Time
w/ Homie J
Law 305 Stretch: Service Learning Project: New Student Guides Concept Mastery Silent Reading
Martin 213 CM Stretch: History of m&m's Tutorial
Mellor 303 CM- Prehistory Test CM- Meso. Test Stretch: Board Games
(tickets from Mellor)
Mickelsen 208 Tutorial Tutorial Tutorial
Miles Front Entry Stretch: Audio BoB Book Library NO PT - OUT OF THE BUILDING
Ms. Miller 323/328 Closed Tutorial Closed Tutorial Closed Tutorial
Mr. Miller 211 Tutorial Stretch: video-why can't we shrink ourselves CM
Moss 313 Tutorial Stretch: Marshmallow Catapults (Tickets from Mrs. Moss) Tutorial
Newman 110A Tutorial Tutorial Stretch-Stick Figure Animation
Tickets in office
Perkins 126 Stretch: Fitness Marshall (no ticket needed) Tutorial Tutorial
Reavy 311 Tutorial Stretch: Order of Operations Jeopardy Tutorial
Reimann 124 Tutorial CM Stretch: Spikeball (tickets in Reimann's room)
Riley 316 Tutorial Stretch: Jeopardy - need tickets from office Tutorial
Schott 201 CM Math Study Hall
in AVID Room - 322
Severn 314 Math Study Hall
in AVID Room - 322
Tutorial Tutorial
Shenosky 310 Tutorial Keyboarding 205 Tutorial
Shurtz 307 Tutorial Tutorial Stretch: Comic Creation
Stefanic 309 Stretch: Chess - need tickets from office Concept Mastery -- Moon, Earth, Sun Stretch: Jeopardy - need tickets from office
Taylor 204 Closed Tutorial Closed Tutorial Closed Tutorial
VanDyken 320 Closed Tutorial Closed Tutorial Closed Tutorial
Vanier 308 Tutorial Stretch: Set! Tutorial
Wagner 110/gym Fitness Testing Make-ups Stretch!!! Outside/inside activity Stretch: Fitness Center
Wonnacott 210 Tutorial Stretch: Science Video Tutorial
Zordan 108/109 Stretch: How to Draw a tiger Lily (Tickets in Office) Tutorial Tutorial
Testing/Clark 223 Testing Testing Testing
Library LMC Study Hall Study Hall Study Hall
Avid Room 322 Math Study Hall: Severn Math Study Hall: Schott