Patriot Time May 29-31

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LAST NAME Rm # Tuesday - Priority ELA/History Wednesday - Priority Electives Thursday - Priority Math/Sci.
Alger 301 CM Tutorial Stretch: Read-a-thon
Campos 218 Tutorial Stretch:  Frisbee Fetch Stretch:  Hackey Sack
Davis 105/gym PE - Make-ups CCA CM 105 Unavailable
DeBaker 203 Closed Tutorial Stretch: Yoga Closed Tutorial
Digerness 300/306 Talking Circle for everyone Unavailable Unavailable
Exon 207 Tutorial Dartmouth Study Hall Teacher Not Here
Forsyth 215/226 Tutorial Tutorial Stretch: Making Smoothies (ticket from office required)
Fullmer 209 Dartmouth Study Hall CM Teacher Not Here
Garso 324 Closed Tutorial Closed Tutorial Closed Tutorial
Gold 318 Unavailable CM Unavailable
Greeno 202 Fitness Test Make Up Fitness Test Make Up CM Health
Jensen 216 CM CM Teacher Not Here
Law 305 Stretch: Giant Jenga Challenge Stretch: Harry Potter Kahoot Stretch: DC Comics Kahoot
Martin 213 CM Tutorial Stretch: It's Okay to Be Smart Videos
Mellor 303 Stretch: Board Games
(tickets from Mellor)
Unavailable Stretch: Football
(tickets from Mellor)
Mickelsen 208 CM Math Study Hall
all grades - come prepared
Teacher Not Here
Miles Front Entry Stretch: Announcements Stretch: Announcements Library
Ms. Miller 323/328 Closed Tutorial Closed Tutorial Closed Tutorial
Mr. Miller 211 7th Tutoring Stretch: History of the Air Force 8th Tutoring
Moss 313 Tutorial CM: Test Makeups Stretch:
Disney Sing-A-Long
Newman 110A Tutorial-Computers Tutorial-workshop Tutorial-Project Completion
Perkins 126 Stretch: Meditation CM Stretch: Meditation
Reavy 311 Math Study Hall
all grades - come prepared
CM: Test Makeups Teacher Not Here
Reimann 124 Tutorial (Cs only) Closed Tutorial - Stage Crew Students Only Teacher Not Here
Riley 316 Closed Tutorial Makeup Day CM: Test Makeups
Schott 201 Stretch: Reading Teacher Not Here Teacher Not Here
Severn 314 CM CM CM
Shenosky 310 Hall Sweep Tutorial Tutorial
Shurtz 307 Tutorial Tutorial Stretch: Malaysian Mahjong (not computer game)
Stefanic 309 Tutorial Unavailable Tutorial
Taylor 204 Closed Tutorial Closed Tutorial Teacher Not Here
VanDyken 320 Closed Tutorial Closed Tutorial Closed Tutorial
Vanier 308 Closed Circle Stretch: Set! Tutorial
Wagner 110/gym CM: Fitness Make Ups Investing for CA$H CM: Fitness Make ups
Wonnacott 210 Tutorial Stretch: Planet Earth Tutorial
Zordan 108/109 CM: Printmaking Stretch: How to Draw a llama (Tickets in Office) Tutorial
Testing/Clark 223 Testing Center Testing Center Testing Center
Library LMC Study Hall Study Hall Study Hall
Math Study Hall
in teachers' classrooms
Math Study Hall: Reavy Math Study Hall: Mickelsen None