SCC Minutes

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14th of March 2013

 – Chair, Laurel Bennett welcomed all SCC members.

2.Eastmont SCC Bylaws: 

Ms. Bennett reviewed the SCC Bylaws in detail with the committee. Bylaws we created based on the standard District bylaws but some areas were enhanced to accommodate the Eastmont SCC committee. Committee voted to pass Bylaws 8:0. Ms. Sterzer will post to website.

3.CSIP Plan:

Ms. Sterzer reviewed the CSIP plan with the committee. The Plan’s focus is more on Science and Reading. No changes were made to the CSIP from the previous version we saw on January 24, 2013.

4.Land Trust Plan:

Ms. Sterzer shared how the Land Trust dollars were spent in 2012/2013.

a.Budget projections were reviewed

b.We discussed 2013/2014 Land Trust Goals

i.From CSIP – increase Reading from 62% to 70%

ii.Science – Steam and Stem activities

c.Committee voted to pass the Land Trust Plan fund

5.Reconfiguration Issues:

Ms. Sterzer provided an update on the following:

Enrollment projections for 2013-2014:         

6th grade           305

7th grade           316

8th grade           346 (no more permits)


Teams were created to assist focus on the entrance of new 6th & 7th graders

Grade Level “Houses” separated in the building

  1. Each grade level will house core curriculum in the same area
  2. Science and computer labs will share a common area among all grades
  3. Each “house” will have a unique name to be identified at the school. Names still TBD.
Redoing the room numbers

oAll rooms will be renumbered to be in a more chronological order so that the 6th & 7th grades can easily find their classrooms.

Building Leadership Team focus group committee to come up with orientation and integration plans

  1. A lot of information will be shared on Back to School night for the 6th & 7th grades.
  2. PTSA will be highly involved with activates to help all new students
  3. Ms. Sterzer reached out to the committee to share any ideas that could help the new students

Still in the process of being finalized.

6.SCC Member concerns, feedback

Committee discussed members for 2013/2014 school year and voted for Laurel Bennett to Chair the committee again.

7.The meeting was adjourned at 7:25 p.m.