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ZAP (ZEROS AREN'T PERMITTED): ZAP is a homework accountability program that works well at the middle level. Because we are moving to the standards-based grading model and the "practice" homework has minimal impact on students' grades, there has to be an incentive for the students to do their homework. The ZAP program assigns students who have not completed their homework to a "working-lunch" detention to do the missing homework (and an afterschool detention that day if they need more time). Homework completion has increased, and teachers save time because they can grade almost all the homework for a specific assignment at the same time, instead of dealing with it as it dribbles in for weeks after the due date. They also save time by not having to figure out reduced grades for late work. Another benefit teachers note is that it requires them to be more thoughtful about what they assign as homework, knowing a student will receive a disciplinary action for neglecting to complete it!  As a transition point for students to develop more accountability in completing their work, only 6th grade will utilize the ZAP program.