About Patriot Time

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PATRIOT TIME: On Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays (during 4th period - the time period of Teacher Advisory on Monday) we hold Patriot Time. There are five possible places where students go during this time (constantly changing):

1.     CONCEPT MASTERY (assigned): Students struggling with specific concepts are assigned to Concept Mastery (CM) class where they are re-taught the missed concept so they are prepared to retake assessments. This class is focused on helping the assigned students gain mastery in a specific concept (It is not a "catch up on homework" time). Providing CM is the primary purpose of Patriot Time.

2.     TUTORING (assigned based on grades): This is for students who understand the concepts but, for one reason or another, are behind on getting their work done. A Tutoring session is open work time used to help students improve grades and understanding and could be a time with a teacher to catch up after illness or vacation, a chance to get extra one-one-one help, or a time for a group of students to work together on a group assignment under the supervision of the teacher, etc. These sessions will be mandatory for students with C grades or below that have not been assigned Concept Mastery. If a particular teacher is not available for Tutoring that day, students can go to any grade-level Tutoring session.

3.     TESTING CENTER:  Students who were absent during in-class testing need to make up assessments, and students who have recently mastered a past concept may want to retake assessments. This testing can take place during Patriot Time in the testing center.

4.     STRETCH Learning activities. These are enrichment activities that support deeper learning. Often, they are activities teachers could not fit in during the regular class time. Sometimes Stretch Learning activities target gifted students. For example, a science teacher did a starfish-dissecting lab Sometimes they are "just for fun" activities that expose students to new ideas and skills. Students with all A and B grades who are not otherwise assigned may attend any stretch.

5.     STUDY HALL: Many of our students are doing well in school but are extremely busy with extra-curricular activities. If they do not need or have interest in one of the other Patriot Time activities, they can use this half-hour of time to start their homework, study or read. This frees up time after school for other worthwhile activities. Students with all A and B grades who are not otherwise assigned may attend any study hall room.