Grade Level Teams

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GRADE LEVEL TEAMS: With the reconfiguration, we will move to interdisciplinary teams at each grade level. There will be two teams per grade made up of the four core content area teachers for each team (English Language Arts, Social Studies, Math and Science). Elective teachers will join the team containing the majority of their students or they may choose to float between teams if more appropriate. We hope to give the team members a common prep period. Team members will have a Teacher Advisory (TA) class made up of students from their team. At Team meetings, members are able to share information about their students and benefit from the feedback of other teachers who instruct these students. Teachers identify problem issues for individual students and brainstorm strategies to support them. They coordinate actions such as calling home, sending home positive or concern notes; setting up parent meetings; or making referrals to the Student Support Team (counseling staff, administrators, and Special Ed. leader) for Special Ed. testing consideration or other increased levels of support. The team leaders keep the data for each student they discuss on a Google.doc along with actions taken so that the information is available to all who are working to increase support for individual students.

The Grade Level Teams are the most important component of Eastmont's comprehensive RTI system. They are essential to the development of a culture where teachers take collective responsibility for the success of individual students and are empowered to implement support programs. For a listing of this year's teams, please click here.